As the president of the Rio Grande Chapter of the state organization known as the Texas Association of Sports Officials (TASO), I want to welcome you to our web site. I represent a chapter with over 300 members. We have one thing in common. We love football and we all like playing a part in managing football games from Laredo to Brownsville.

We are constantly looking for new members to our organization. The game of football cannot be played without our assistance and we take this responsibility very serious. If you are willing to make the commitment to officiating, you will begin a journey that will be both challenging and rewarding. We look forward to the challenge of officiating the game that helps these boys of fall grow into men.

Officiating is something that people outside officiating do not understand or appreciate. But as officials, we develop a bond that with each other as the third team on the field. The men in our chapter not only have a love for the game but a commitment to always try and officiate the perfect game knowing the each game will have its challenges that will allow us to learn and get better as officials.

Football is a great sport and one that has blessed young men all across our country and helped them learn good work ethics, commitment and team work. Football officials are proud to play a role in this process.


Ford Sasser

2017 Chapter President

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Aug 7
5th Chapter Meeting
Med High, Mercedes